Roof Insurance Claims Boise, ID

Restore Your Home After a Storm

If a tree fell on your roof or wind stripped away your shingles, you may not have to pay out of pocket for repairs. Get the most out of your home insurance policy with help from Idaho Home Improvement Company, Inc.

We operate a division that specializes in processing storm damage claims. After a wind or hail storm, we we'll come out and assess the damage at no charge to you. Then, we'll advise you if there is enough damage to make an insurance claim feasible. If so, we'll help you file one through your insurance provider.

What happens next?

What happens next?

Once we begin the storm damage insurance claims process, we'll act as your contractor. We'll meet with the insurance company's adjuster at your home to review the damage and provide an estimate on the repairs needed to restore your roof. After the repairs are completed, we collect your insurance deductible and bill the insurance company for the repairs.

The total of your out of pocket expense is your deductible. We never collect funds until all work is completed and we've met your expectations.

If your roof has been damaged in a storm, call 208-794-8970 right now to begin the roof repair process.